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Developed by Extremely OK Games

“Earthblade,” developed by Extremely OK Games, the studio behind the highly successful indie title “Celeste,” is an intriguing addition to their impressive portfolio. While the game is still under wraps and details remain scarce, the developers have shared an atmospheric poster, a snippet of the soundtrack, and an intriguing description calling it a “2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world.”

The team at Extremely OK Games has reportedly spent several years in an exploratory phase, experimenting with multiple potential projects before landing on “Earthblade.” It was only after creating countless prototypes and navigating through numerous concept directions that they eventually discovered the right path for their next adventure.

Enchanted forests, expansive landscapes, and mysterious locales.

The released teaser poster for “Earthblade” hints at a fantasy-themed, pixel-art environment, possibly suggesting an adventure that might take players through enchanted forests, expansive landscapes, and mysterious locales. The game is expected to follow the studio’s ethos of developing deeply personal experiences packed with engaging gameplay elements.

The atmosphere they aim to create

Despite revealing very few specifics about “Earthblade,” Extremely OK Games has managed to create anticipation and intrigue around it. The small taste of the game’s Vibe reveal – a glimpse of the poster and a section of the soundtrack – encapsulates the atmosphere they aim to create.

Award-winning work on “Celeste”

Composer Lena Raine, known for her award-winning work on “Celeste,” returns to score “Earthblade.” The sneak peek of the music suggests an immersive, melodic soundscape that harmonizes perfectly with the game’s aesthetic.

The developers have taken a thoughtful approach to the game’s development process. They are committed to taking the time needed to ensure “Earthblade” becomes another incredible experience, just like their previous titles. While a release date isn’t announced yet, their dedication towards quality makes it worth the wait.

More than just a game

“Earthblade” presents itself as more than just a game; it’s a labor of love from a team known for crafting memorable gaming experiences. The gaming community awaits with bated breath for the day when they can step into this new, pixelated world.