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February 20th in LA, Clippers 99 – Sacramento 89 –  Recap  Box Score

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by ClipperJay about 11 hours ago


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The Back Story:

Good won! Another won that might be cleaned up is the New Acquisition, which must be Carl Landry.

Didn’t Udrih go a little nuts, as if he were playing the Clippers, in that win against Utah? I didn’t realize that there was a starting lineup sequence going on. In the last game, sans Baron, I believe we saw Steve Blake do just fine against Udrih or Garcia, and Eric Gordon caused some problems for Evans.

by swamigusto on Feb 28, 2010 2:33 PM PST reply actions  

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Did I read that right? I still have— no he still has nightmares about Derrick Rose driving by him repeatedly in the NCAA tourney two years ago. The beat down was so thorough Collison fell out of the lottery with one performance and stayed in school an extra year. But you’re right, he’s better than Blake and so is Drajic. Fisher and Farmar are both career backups, neither better than Blake.

That said, I like Baron and Blake. It seems to be working.

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by citizen zhiv on Feb 28, 2010 1:42 PM PST reply actions  

Derrick Rose is easily the fastest player in the NBA.

by mctknow 4 days ago



Thompson out.  Second year player Jason Thompson took a hard fall in a recent game against the Pistons and suffered a back injury.  He’ll miss tonight’s game.  Lucky for Spencer Hawes it happened.  After being demoted to the bench after the Landry trade,Runes of Magic Gold, Hawes was complaining about playing time, and consequently got demoted all the way to the inactive list for a game.  With the injury to Thompson, he’s right back in the starting lineup.
Udrih/Garcia.  After the All Star break, Kings Coach Paul Westphal unveiled a new starting lineup.  New acquisition Carl Landry was the power forward, Thompson replaced Hawes at center, and Francisco Garcia replaced the departed Kevin Martin at shooting guard.  When Martin had been injured earlier in the season, it was Beno Udrih who joined Evans in the backcourt, and the Kings actually played very well with that lineup, so it was a bit surprising that Westphal decided to go with Garcia.  The Garcia experiment lasted exactly one game,Rappelz Rupees, then Westphal went with Donte Greene for a couple of games, and now it’s once again Udrih starting.  After starting for two games, Greene got a DNP in the next one.  As I understand it, Hawes was venting about never knowing what the coach was going to do from one game to the next – he may have a point. No bench.  With Thompson hurt, the Kings don’t really have much help coming in off the bench.  If they go with the starting lineup listed above, then the offense coming off the bench pretty much consists of Greene and Andres Nocioni.

Kaman.  Kaman scored 22 against these guys last week, and Hawes in particular seemed ill-equipped to defend his face up game.  With Thompson out, the only option at backup center is the little used Sean May.  If Kaman wants to atone for his lapse in judgement in getting kicked out last night, he can start by having a big night tonight.

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by Steve Perrin on Feb 28, 2010 4:32 PM PST up reply actions  

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give me a break!

Similarities of Stephen Strasburg to Blake Griffin

Collison is the fastest player in the NBA?


HVYDRT007-”EJ’s value is diminishing Game By Game”

HVYDRT007-”EJ’s value is diminishing Game By Game”

Team USA Roster Finalized After Rajon Rondo Withdraws

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I hope the Clippers play better defense tonight. The game vs. the Suns was ugly. Kaman needs to focus on his defense rather than shooting so many 18 ft jumpers. The guy shot 15 shots in only 19 minutes vs. the Suns!

The Clippers had won three straight at home, beginning with a win over these Kings eight days ago.  That streak ended when they went on the road to Phoenix.  Now we’ll see if they can get a road win against a lesser opponent.  The Clippers will field a stronger team than the won one that won by double digits against Sacramento last week – Drew Gooden and Travis Outlaw had yet to make their Clipper debuts as of that game, and Baron Davis sat out with a sore back (something I can relate to as I write this preview tonight – I may have to cut it short).  During their relatively strong recent play, team depth has been a definite strength,lotro gold, so it should make a difference have Gooden and Outlaw and Davis available tonight.  The good news from Phoenix is that Chris Kaman should be pretty fresh, since he decided to get tossed and take the second half off.  The bad news is that Craig Smith was dealing with a leg issue, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s limited tonight.  Eric Gordon scored a season high 30 the last time these teams met, and 25 Friday in Phoenix, so he’s in a pretty good place right now.  His 30 point effort againt the Kings included 14 in the final quarter, and it didn’t appear during that game that Sacramento had anyone who could guard him, so hopefully the Clippers will call his number a lot tonight.  Also,Last Chaos Gold, it seemed that the Kings had some real issues trying to defend the three point line, so hopefully Butler and Outlaw (in addition to Gordon) will get some clear looks.  The Clippers shot a sizzling 11 for 22 from the arc in the first meeting, and that was without Outlaw.

FA in 2010.

USA Baketball

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The Big Picture:


by MTM22 2 days ago


I think Donte is in the “dog house”

2009/2010 NBA Regular Season vs. 24-3419-39 Arco Arena February 28th, 2010, 6:00 PM FSN Prime Ticket, 980 AM Probable starters: Baron Davis PG Tyreke Evans Eric Gordon SG Beno Udrih Rasual Butler SF Omri Casspi Drew Gooden PF Carl Landry Chris Kaman C

Spencer Hawes

by banandy 1 day ago

Sacramento as a city has been one of the hardest hit in the country and the Kings attendance numbers are way down.

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Thanks for making my day HVYDRT, lmao!

Sideshow Bob, The Simpsons – Sideshow Bob Roberts (1994).  After watching Robin Lopez score a career high 30 against the Clippers Friday, I couldn’t resist a Sideshow Bob quote.
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by clippa j 6 days ago

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Carmelo for Blake Griffin?

by vaughtfromhisspot about 20 hours ago

FIBA World Championship 2010: USA Cruises Past Croatia, 106-78

A close second is Lebron James. As far as Blake, he is a great back-up pg. He could be a great starting pg depending on who the Clippers sign this summer.

Steve Perrin

The Subplots:

“Put the icing on the cake ladies and gentlemen” – Ralph Lawler vs. The Grizzlies

Despite the young talent squad the kings have, im expecting a nice win tonight. then agan, arco arena has always been one of the loudest arenas in the nba…..GOOD LUCK FELLAS!

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by Steve Perrin on Feb 28, 2010 1:00 AM PST in Game Previews 8 comments


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EJ’s Breakout Year?

by kedro 4 days ago

by baron_davis needs a fro on Feb 28, 2010 3:01 PM PST via mobile reply actions  

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The Kings are a much better team at home than they are on the road.  In fact, they’re playing .500 at home (14-14) compared to .167 (5-25) on the road, one of the biggest differentials in the league.  They’re also coming off a solid home win over the surging Utah Jazz on Friday.  New acquisition Carl Landry had a nightmare against the Clippers last week in his first game as a King, shooting 4 for 11 and missing seven straight shots when the game mattered.  But he’s beginning to find himself on his new team, averaging 17 points in the three games since.  He’s been so good against the Clippers in the past, I simply expect him to have a big game tonight.  Beno Udrih also knows something about big games against the Clippers, having scored his career high against them last season.  And of course there’s future rookie of the year Tyreke Evans, who led the Kings with 21 points in the last meeting.  There’s talented players on the floor, and the Kings are not an easy out at Arco.  The Clippers will have to be focused and play well to win this game.

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Arco hasn’t been lately


by ILUVLOSERS 5 days ago

contain the player who we least expect to be a threat. watch out for ime udoka and donte greene blowing up from 3

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The Minny Pick

by NBAFAN8 on Feb 28, 2010 4:37 PM PST up reply actions  

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USA-Greece Exhibition: Eric Gordon’s Hot Shooting Carries U.S. In 87-59 Blowout

My back is hurting. I can’t be expected to make any sort of sense.

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The Antagonist:

theme for todays game

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A stronger team than the won that won

by swamigusto about 15 hours ago



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Quotes from Ralph Lawler on Carmelo Anthony

U.S. vs. Croatia

3 Team Trade for Melo


While I’m at it, I have to say that I’m a little dubious about Milph anointing Steve Blake so quickly. I don’t think they’re thinking it through, and the question does present something of a novel equation. What are the circumstances that might create “the best backup PG in the league?” In the first place, you probably have to have an outstanding PG. Two mediocre PGs wouldn’t seem to create the proper traction for one of them to be a superior back up (e.g. DFish and JFarmar). At least Ralph mentioned the fact that DCollison is blowing up. So how do you compete with Chris Paul and Darren Collison? It looks like Collison is going to be a better player than SBlake. It helps to be the fastest player in the entire NBA. Is SBlake better than Goran Drajic? Before the last Sac game I was remembering how close Udrih came to being the Clippers PG, and is Blake better than Udrih, who is now a starter/backup? Who else am I missing?

FIBA Officiating Is Wack!!!

by ClippersUK 2 days ago

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by NBAFAN8 on Feb 28, 2010 3:45 PM PST up reply actions  

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