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9/4 Librari-Con 20109/4 2010 NB Szolnok9/4 LCQ Brasileiro 20109/5 Campeonato Brasileiro 20109/11 Swedish National Championship 2010  Dreams of the First AgeGet the latest Exalted PDF Dreams of the First Age

Given the Mandate of Heaven to rule Creation following the Primordial War,knight gold, the Exalted fashioned a Realm of unsurpassed power and glory from the world’s war-ravaged remains. Though the seeds of its downfall were planted in the hearts of all the Ex… Read more >>Related Items:Download Dwn of the First Age from DriveThruRPG today!Signs of the MoonNew book for Werewolf: The Forsaken “Who are we? Are we who we choose to be? Or do we have no choice at all? Mother Moon The Crazy Queen It’s her game A rigged game The world is a playing field These are her mad rules And we are her piecesRead more >>Related Items:Get Signs of the Moon from DriveThruRPG today!The Hungry Streets and Return of the Scarlet EmpressNew Releases for Vampire: The Requiem and Exalted 

Jonas Craft is dead,aion kinah, nothing left of him but grimy ash and a charred stake. His coterie’s eyes have turned on his neighbors: you. Do they seek justice or something else? Is Jonas’ murder an isolated incident or just the tip of the iceberg? Why have t… Read more >>Related Items:

Get The Hungry StreetsPrepare for the Return of the Scarlet EmpressWhite Wolf Digital Releases for 2010/2011Find out what is coming soon from White Wolf 

At GenCon,Lotro Gold, we announced our upcoming schedule of new digital releases for 2010/2011. These products are in addition to the previously-announced print schedule of releases. Please feel free to spread this information far and wide!

… Read more >>Shane DeFreest talks about The Grand MasqueradeFlamesRising.com interviews Shane DeFreest The Grand Masquerade is an annual event held by White Wolf Publishing for all things World of Darkness. Matt McElroy at FlamesRising.com gets an exclusive intervi… Read more >>Related Items:The Grand Masquerade websiteDon’t forget to read the interview!Invite OnlyInvite Only is a new PDF-exclusive chronicle book for Vampire: The Requiem 

?Singular vampires are so many terrible things. Why should it be any different when many vampires get together? It isn’t. In fact,Aika Gold, it’s exponentially worse. Kindred are designed to be solitary predators.

Why they gather in… Read more >>Related Items:
Download Invite Only at DriveTruRPG

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