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Though “Coco Before Chanel” is much less edgy than those earlier films, it shares with them a sensitive interest in the destiny of society’s outsiders. And no one was more outside the system than Gabrielle Chanel, born poor in rural France and,Dofus Kamas, after her mother died, abandoned by her father to be brought up in an orphanage run by nuns.

The decision to focus “Coco” on the fashion designer’s formative years was made by Fontaine, who cast Tautou before the script was written. One of the most interesting of contemporary French directors, Fontaine’s earlier films,FFXI Gil, particularly “Dry Cleaning” and “How I Killed My Father,” brought empathy and tact to emotionally complex stories of troubled and troubling relationships.

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AdvertisementYOU ARE HERE: LAT Home→Collections→Orphanage’Coco Before Chanel’MOVIE REVIEWDirector Anne Fontaine illuminates the fashion icon by focusing on her formative years.September 25, 2009|KENNETH TURAN, FILM CRITIC

Though Chanel’s reticence may sound like a barrier to filmmakers, it stimulated co-writer and director Fontaine and star Tautou, who’ve combined to turn “Coco Before Chanel” into a superior filmed biography that brings intelligence, restraint and style to what could have been a more standard treatment.

The most obvious credit goes to the strong, sure performance of Tautou, who costarred in “The Da Vinci Code” following her breakthrough in the successful “Amelie.” Tautou not only resembles Chanel,lv handbags, she inhabits the role completely, using flashing eyes and a relentless intelligence to convey the unbending strength of a woman determined to make something of her life in a time and place when that was far from the norm.

For someone who was as celebrated internationally as France’s Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the woman who inspired dozens of biographies by changing the shape of 20th century fashion, not that much is known for sure about her formative years.


“Chanel lied all the time. She used to say, ‘I invented my life because I didn’t like my life,Dungeon Fighter Gold,’ ” Anne Fontaine has said, with Audrey Tautou adding,Buy wow gold, “Chanel always disguised the reality. It takes some cunning to know who Chanel really was.”

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