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Happy Leveling

FAQ Guide


HayypLeveling.com is the world’s leading provider of value-added services to the players and publishers of multiplayer online games and supplies the outstanding customer service. Whether you are looking for game currency or power leveling. Always offering 24 hrs a day deliveries, and 24 hrs live support through email, live help . We do not condone such actions and will take decisive action as they are against our policy and damage the game economy as a whole.

1. How do you level my character?
We assign 2 or 3 expert players to your character to do the leveling; the person playing your character has a very good understanding of how your specific class is played. Your character is primarily leveled via what is commonly known as “grinding,” where we play solo simply killing monsters over and over. However we do sometimes do simple quests to obtain experience. We have extensive knowledge of your game’s world and know the best areas & quests to level your character as fast as possible.

2. Will you use my character to PK (player-kill) or KS (kill-steal)?
No! We will never involve your character in PKing, KSing, farming or any other behavior that is frowned upon.

3. What do you do if someone sends a tell to my character?
Normally we will respond as if AFK when another player sends you a tell, however if a GM sends you a tell we will say hello to him or her. We can respond in any way you like though. If you have any specific answers you would like us to use, please just let us know and we will be sure to use them.

4. I don’t what my guild or friends to know that you are playing my character. What will you do?
They will see you as AFK and we will act so when they send you a tell.

5. Do I keep the money & items gained while you play my character?
YES! We, unlike other power leveling services, do not keep your gold or items.

6. I understand it takes multiple days to level my character, but I want to play with my friends during the week; am I able to play while you are leveling my character?
Of course! You may schedule time for us to level your character or for you to play yourself. You may also order art time services from us and pay by 24 hours days instead of per level.

7. After I pay, how quickly can you start my order?
Normally, we start working on your order within half an hour after receiving it. Sometimes our departments can get full and it may take longer for your order to start. You can be assured that once free workers are available, we will start on your order. Remember, we do not use bots or macros and all work is done by a real person.

8. Do you upgrade my characters equipment as he/she levels?
Yes. Any upgrades obtained while leveling your character will be used accordingly.

9. What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?
We take your privacy extremely seriously. We have systems in place to screen every order and protect who has the given orders information. Information given to us is never disclosed to any third parties and is only given to those in our company who need it to complete your order. Once your order is completed, please do change your password.

10. Are you affiliated with any other gaming companies?
No. We are an independent company that is 100% focused on providing services in massively multiplayer games. We have no affiliations with any game related companies at this time.

11. How do I place an order for power leveling?
Placing your first order with HayypLeveling.com is easy. Just follow these steps:

a. Imput your Starting level and Desired level in the price page!Click “Calculator” button.Then you can click “make an order” button to place an order!Entering your inforamtion for power leveling,such as ur account and password ,server name (US or EU) and character name,you should also leave ur email to us for communication.

b. Pay for your order via PayPal or Western Union.

c. Once payment is confirmed your order will be submitted for processing. We usually start on new orders within half an hour of receipt.
d. Contact us via live help or e-mail to ask any questions & any special requests for your order.

e. You will receive an e-mail you when we started and finished.

12. Is HayypLeveling.com affiliated with any game companies?
No. HayypLeveling.com is a completely independent company that has emerged as a result of the demand for currency in online games. We do not have any affiliations with any game companies at this time.

13. I would like to check if you carry this particular game?
If the product you are looking for is not listed on our site then we are either out of stock on the item or we do not carry the item at the moment. Do go to our Live Help or drop us an email for feedback if you like to enquire about a new game.

14. I have ordered on the wrong server or character name. What should I do?
Please send us an email from your Paypal email address that you have placed the order from and include your Order number and the correct server or character name. We will make delivery according to the new instructions given.

15. Are there discounts for larger orders?
The good news is YES. This will be based on a case by case basis. Please contact us via Live Help or email us.

16. How do I check on the status of my order?
If you would like to check on the status of your order, simply visit Pl report on www.HayypLeveling.com or log onto our live chat,msn one of our customer service representatives will assist you straight away, in real time.

Delivery of the items will be delayed IF:

1. Your E-check is still not cleared yet. It can take up to a 4 business day for the funds to be cleared. Delivery will be made after payment has cleared.

2. Insufficient or wrong information is provided. For example, you did not include your in-game character name or you gave the wrong name or wrong server. Delivery can only be made until the right information is given.

It is important that you provide us with a valid email for us to contact you.

1. What forms of payment does HayypLeveling.com accept?
We accept payment through a Paypal account: or Checking account with a CONFIRMED shipping address.

2. How long does it take for my payment at www.paypal.com to be processed?
E-check Processing takes up to a 4 business day wait until the funds have cleared.

Paypal account balance Processing is instantaneous and delivery can be made anytime after we receive the payment in our account.

After you have sent your payment information, Paypal will inform us regarding your payment by forwarding a receipt to us. We will contact you to arrange for delivery once we have verified all your details.

1. What is PayPal and how does it work?
Paypal is an online payment system that facilitates the transfer of money from one bank account to another. After signing up for an account at www.paypal.com and proceeding through their easy verification process, you may send money to your Paypal account from your bank account and begin to use to make purchases online from websites such as amazon.com, eBay and of course IGE. Paypal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services used today to reliably, instantly and safely move money between accounts worldwide.

2. My shipping address is not confirmed. How can I confirm my shipping address?
Go to www.Paypal.com and click on help , use keyword confirm shipping address in the help search box .

3. I forgot to include my Confirmed shipping address. What Should I do?
Please visit www.Paypal.com and log into the same Paypal account that you placed your order from. Click on the Send money’ tab and input the following:

4. Why is my shipping address unconfirmed?
PayPal uses an Automated Verification System to verify credit card billing addresses that are entered on the system. An address is confirmed if it is associated with a credit card or can be independently verified by PayPal. Gift Addresses and addresses associated with a Switch or Solo debit card cannot be confirmed. Currently, our system cannot verify most non-U.S. credit card billing addresses.

These types of security measures are unfortunately necessary in an online environment where it is difficult to check someone’s identity. In the physical world, sellers can check someone’s credit card and driver’s license. In the online world, where simple and effective identification tools do not yet exist, we have to take different precautions. We believe that

these safety precautions are in the interest of all our members.

5. I am using Paypal Mastercard. Why can’t I process the payment?
Paypal is having some problems in processing funds through Mastercard payment. We will accept VISA payment on this site at the moment.

1. What is a pending e-check, and why do I need to wait for it to clear?

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available with Paypal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while Paypal verifies the funds are present within the senders account. Once the check has cleared, the money is transferred to HayypLeveling’s account and then delivery can take place immediately thereafter.

2. How do I avoid sending an e-check?
An e-check results when a payment is sent from an unverified account without sufficient balance in the Paypal account to cover the cost of the order. Paypal must contact the bank and verify that the funds are present, thus the cause of the 3 to 4 day delay. To avoid sending an e-check, first complete the verification process for your account, and then make sure the funds are present in Paypal before you place an order. To confirm your payment type, just before placing the order you will see a blue hyperlink that reads: “choose more funding options”. By clicking this link you may determine which option is currently selected for your payment, and what payment options your account supports.

3.I’ve sent an e-check, but I did not mean to. How do I cancel it?
If you have mistakenly sent a pending e-check, you may log onto our live chat to request a refund. If you wish to receive an instant delivery, you may place the order with a valid credit card. Our live chat representatives can guide you through this process and will answer any questions you might have.

1. Is this business safe or legal?
HayypLeveling.com has conducted business for over 2 years, and served hundreds of thousands of customers. We conduct hundreds of transactions per day, and we are adding new games to our roster every month. The stock we have available has been purchased legitimately from game players the world over who chose to sell their excess.

2. Why do I have to send money first? How do I know you will uphold your part of the transaction?
We are a eBay Power seller.

3. How to protect from imposters?
It is always safer to deal with a well known trader and seller. The following procedures are now implemented at HayypLeveling.com for all trades and purchases to protect our customers from being scammed.

a. When purchasing products make sure you are always make your payment ONLY to Paypal on our website. Check the spelling! Some scammers use minor variations in spelling to fool you! If someone asks you to send a payment to another address for ANY reason, it’s not us!

b.When dealing with HayypLeveling.com staff over Live Help, IF YOU ARE ASK TO HAND ANYTHING OVER FIRST before getting something when trading, send an email to happyleveling@gmail.com with a password for him to repeat to you in a game if you are unsure!

c. An additional safety feature is to click on the Live Help Button on our website. That links you directly to an HayypLeveling.com staff.

When you follow the above procedures, your trade or purchase from HayypLeveling.com will always be 100% safe!

d. I’m worried about the privacy of my details?
We do not disclose your details to any third party. If you want to find out more about our policy go to Privacy Policy in the footer area on the homepage.