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Why choose happyleveling.com?

1. 100% Best Price GuaranteeHappyLeveling.com guarantees the lowest price on EVERY order. Why are our prices so unbelievably low? Because unlike most power-leveling services, we don’t pay outrageously high advertising fees to Google or Yahoo – this translates into super low prices for you, the customer!

2. Honesty and Integrity
Unlike power-leveling service provided by many competitors, when you use our service, you keep all your equipment and gold. Your posresponse.Cookies(“HappyLeveling.com“)s prior to the start of leveling will be fully inventoried and returned to you intact. Your character will also keep all Remark from drops during the leveling service. However, since drops are by chance, we can’t make any guarantees about what extra remark your character will gain through drops.

3. Fast & Friendly Service
All orders are started within 1 hour after their are received. Any questions related to your order are always promptly answered by our knowledgeable and courteous staff in our Los Angeles based office. Because we??e a US-based company, you’ll never have to deal with the frustration of trying to communicate with someone that doesn’t understand you.
4. On-Demand Reporting & Updates
If you would like to get an updates and reports on the status of your power-leveling, just email happylevelingservice@gmail.com.com with your order number and a report will be emailed to you within 1 hour.
5. Unbeatable Value
We are a “direct service provider”, not a reseller like most of our competitiors. This gives us the competitive edge to offer the lowest prices while providing higher levels of service. For example, if your character lacks the equipment necessary to start leveling, we will lend you the use of such equipment at no additional charge**. And unlike others, we will never promise prices that are too good to be true and then not being able to deliver the quality service you deserve. Beware of unscrupulous services that charge what appears to be low rates but end up taking more days than necessary.

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